Sales in Down Market - Title Frame

When the economy is hot, every sales team is the best. But when the economy is struggling, competition decreases, as some competitors will choose the path of a deficiency mindset. Companies with a growth mindset prefer to broaden their view and find opportunities for new geographies, industries, and services.

When the economy is struggling, growth-minded organizations focus on these things to build business:

Make investment in relationships based on trust
Reframe your value proposition to reflect reality
Increase investment in people and your sales process
  • Connect with the right companies
  • Engage with the best people
  • Clean out and be true to your pipeline
  • Be visible in the market-place. There is nothing to hide from

Describe your value with these factors in mind:

  • What can you do for your customer?
  • How can your company Differentiate from the field?
  • Can you highlight in bold terms your value proposition?
  • Can you show proof through testimonials?
  • Implement or bolster a sales methodology
  • Double down on coaching and training
  • Be consistent with the rigors of sales management
  • Avoid being bogged down in the details of the numbers

No matter the market conditions: ensure you have a winning attitude and share it with your team. Companies with a winning attitude and a culture for success sell more, in any market. Companies maintaining a positive attitude know customers have new and even greater needs to be met. These organizations also know their competition is encountering challenges that clear a path for driving new business home.

Successful companies understand that a positive outlook improves the chances of winning. It starts at the top with communication, energy, ongoing motivation, and support.