Technology Leadership - Title Frame

Corporate strategy is essential for a company’s long-term vision and requires a sound technology infrastructure that enables the business to sell, bill, and service the customer. The role of Information Technology (IT) has become paramount for a company to meet its operational goals. This is highlighted by the shift in the competitive landscape from product differentiation to customer serviceability.

Due to this shift, companies are more dependent on IT infrastructure to deliver more system capabilities and newer technology solutions in a shorter period. For lower and middle-market companies, this may fall on the shoulders of the CFO. To support this, the IT leader must develop a high-performance organization by doing three things:

  1. Provide effective leadership – clear vision, direction, and goals

  2. Develop operational foundation – people, process, and technology

  3. Nurture robust culture - behavior, approach, and values

IT Leadership - PP&T

While strong leadership is critical to the IT infrastructure, people are the key drivers behind its success. Having a healthy company culture acts as the glue to hold the IT infrastructure together. 

IT infrastructures that operate with a healthy culture have elevated levels of employee satisfaction and demonstrate higher levels of integrity that permeate into other areas of the company and become catalysts for building stronger working business partnerships.

Ensuring that IT leadership is involved in the corporate strategy discussions allows for all organizational stakeholders to execute on both short-term and long-term goals effectively. Also, the continual nurturing of an influential company culture will lead to a more robust IT infrastructure and a higher-performing organization.