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Phases of Raising Captial

Knowing the intricacies of the capital raising process can often mean the difference between a timely close or oversubscription, versus falling short of your target amount.

Inventory Management

Finding a target balance of inventory levels to maintain takes time to master, often coupled with investment in equipment, software, training and consulting.

Making Sales in a Down Market

When the economy is hot, every sales team is the best. But when the economy is struggling, competition decreases, as some competitors will choose the path of a deficiency mindset.

Cash and Receivables Management

Identifying and maintaining your optimum working capital is a combination of art and science, as the approach can dynamically shift depending on the company's revenue growth, corporate development, or outside market factors.

Integrating Technology Leadership in Business Strategy

Corporate strategy is essential for a company’s long-term vision and requires a sound technology infrastructure that enables the business to sell, bill, and service the customer.

Foundations of a Cash Flow Forecast Model

A successful working capital strategy requires an effective cash flow forecast model, typically over a 13-week period. This model is a critical tool for executives and the Board of Directors to ensure sustainability surrounding a company’s short-term operations.

Strategic Boards in Higher Education

The business model for higher education is under severe stress. There is more capacity than student demand. Consumer behaviors have changed, technology demands are increasing, and deflationary forces are curtailing revenues.

Success with Dormant Buying Influencers

Business-to-Business (B2) marketing and sales require a comprehensive approach to activate and nurture the right decision-makers. While it may be clear regarding who the technical decision-maker is, there are multiple buying influences at any organization dormant within every significant deal.

COVID-19 and Cash Flow

The resulting economic environment from the COVID-19 outbreak will pose an immense strain on global markets for the next several quarters. Challenges will undoubtedly emerge in the middle and lower markets.

Value versus Price

Determining the value of a company’s product or service is challenging, especially in industries where the competitive landscape is dynamic and quickly increasing. As a result, customers are likely to measure the perceived value against the asking price of the vendor.

Budget Tension

Budget tensions is a natural law that impacts every business. Pressures often arise when organizations simultaneously try to accelerate revenue growth while investing initiatives to drive competitive position and increase incremental operating profit (IOP).